The Athlete


Mg Thar Nge has worked in radio stations and TV channels as a sound designer since 2009. He participated a sound design training at Yangon Film School (YFS) conducted by award winning  sound designers from Berlin and Perth in 2014 where he started working with filmmakers from YFS. Ever since, he has been working as a freelance sound designer, recordist and as an audio engineer with international and local filmmakers.


Bhone Mo the Kid

Bhone Mo (edited).jpg

He may be young but he’s a good father to his son and a loving husband to his wife. And he is just as reliable when it comes to Sound Engineering just as much as to his family. Bhone Mo has worked on award winning documentary films as a Sound Designer, Foley Artist, Foley Recordist and Field Recordist. Certainly a valuable member of the collective.

The workaholic

thazin (cropped)

Rapper, song-writer and singer, Thazin started in the field as a sound engineer a few years ago and still enjoying in the field as one of the very few women engineers in a patriarchal society, breaking the stereotypes of a traditional “Sound Guy” image. With outspoken, fun and cheerful personal traits, a fan of tattoos, she’s definitely a cool person that you will ever work with.


The Movie Buff


Slyne started a home studio with his musician friend in 2007. Spending hours and hours in the studio and watching thousand of movies started him to take a Sound Design Workshop at the Yangon Film School where he still learn and work for up till today.